Becoming Katerina Roukouna Jewelry

Becoming Katerina Roukouna Jewelry

Katerina Roukouna                 

I fell in love with handmade jewelry creation a little over 38 years ago, and I have ever since been involved with this art, as I like to recognize it.  The journey started in 1984, at my first workshop where I started making jewelry while studying at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, from where I graduated with a bachelor's in Gemmology in 1987.

During the course of my studies, I participated in seminars on the evaluation of precious stones (i.e. pearls, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, topazes, corals, ambers, tourmalines, etc.) at A. Rϋppenthal’s workshop in Idar Oberstein, Germany.

"Your Uniqueness is Your Magic. Embrace It."

Knowing how to appreciate the authenticity of jewels, I soon began to design my own pieces, using either silver or gold, and semi-precious stones to decor my jewels.  

For me, jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you unique. And that's something I taught my students in my brief experience of teaching gemmology for an EU program promoting new professions. 

I have had the privilege to showcase my work in multiple exhibitions, such as TIF, and to travel to many countries around the world - at each instance, I have been inspired by the uniqueness of everything around me.

My purpose is simple:  

Whoever wears one of my jewels, must be filled with the energy and joy I feel when creating them. I like the jewelry I create to tell a story and be able to speak about the person who wears them; jewelry is just like the perfect spice - it complements what's already there.

I keep my little workshop and store at 8 G.Zografou, in Zografos district in Attica, Greece. 

For years, I have been blessed to bring light to all Katerina Roukouna Jewelry wearers and am determined to do so for the years to follow, because life is too boring without its jewels.


PHONE: +30 210 770 4022

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