Billing Methods

You can choose between the following ways of payment:

  1. Bank Deposit
  2. Cash on delivery
  3. Paypal/Credit Card
1. Deposit to a bank account and web banking
You can pay by depositing the total amount of your order to our bank account.


Our bank data (account number, company data etc.) will appear during the conclusion of your order. The bank charges are on the client.

For accounting reasons is important to deposit or transfer the exact amount of your order. Your order will be filled as soon as we are notified by the bank of your deposit or your remittance.

2. Cash on delivery (Greece only)

The cost of the payment by cash on delivery is free.

3. Paypal/Credit Card

You can pay for your order by Paypal or credit card. For both ways of payment we use the Paypal  charge engine, that ensures the security of your transaction’s data.

NOTE: In our webpage’s prices is included a 24% VAT, as it stands in most regions in Greece.

For any information or clarification you can contact us Monday – Saturday: 10:00 – 14:00 and Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 17:30 – 20:30 at 0030 210 7704022, through Facebook or through the form in the Contact Us page.